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Nanook help local travel businesses shine

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Our mission

Nanook wants to change the travel industry in a sustainable direction

We believe that there are too many middlemen in travel. The cash flow goes all over the place instead of into local communities. Responsible and authentic concepts will be the winners in the long run and we want to help you hard-working people shine. What you need is a solid strategy and strong communication skills. 

Because of our past experience running an adventure company we know the pressure points for smaller travel businesses and destinations. And our experience from running nanook.travel -  gives us valuable insight into how different adventure companies around the world run their businesses, what works and what doesn't. 

A wide range of industry experts and creative talent are ready to assist, help develop and lift your concept to new heights.


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Become a partner

Join our network of local, responsible travel companies.

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Develop your travel business

Make your concept stand out from the crowd.

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Get helping hands

Focus on the things you love. Get help with the rest

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Improve your skills

Learn about business and get ahead of the competition

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Focus on the things you love.

People that focus on what they are good at are more likely to succeed. 

The other important stuff can be outsourced.


Join the community of Local experts

Dedicated to change.

If you are managing an independent, locally owned travel concept you should apply to become a partner of Nanook.

Together we can change the travel business.

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